giguere collection at KUSF rock’n’swap

January 18th, 2007 · < mtheo >

As fitfully announced, we will be at the KUSF rock’n’swap Sunday, January 21, from 10 to 4, with a sampling of CDs from the estate of Fr. Robert J. Giguere (1917 – 2003). Fr. Giguere, who taught philosophy for 55 years, had a vast love of music, and his collection — some 1200 CDs and several hundred LPs — ranges from ancient chant through punk rock. The collection has only partially been catalogued, so we’ll have a representative selection available with hopes of a fuller selection next time around (March 11, to be exact).
The donation of this extraordinary collection supports the mission of classics without walls by helping to defray production expenses. and honors a great teacher by enabling the breadth of his love of music to continue to be shared even beyond the grave.
Hope to see you there!

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