letter to sf chronicle

I reproduce here verbatim my letter of 2007-01-27 to the Chron’s editors; the subject line was “Total silence??”

Dear Editors:

Well, here it is nine full days & change since a major local media story broke, with nary a peep from the estimable Chron. Would one of you kindly tiptoe down the hall and bang a couple of trash-can lids together near the Business, Datebook, and News desks, since all three are clearly deep a-snooze? When someone wakes up perhaps you could gently break it to them that well over a week ago Bonneville and Entercom announced a ten-station swap that might have held a smidgen of interest for readers of all three sections, seeing as how the trade affects three local Media Outlets, including the #2 and #9 stations in the market (Business), one of which is also both the top-rated (alas) and most execrable “classical” station in the country (Datebook), and that the new owners were plastered all over your news pages last week as the employers of a group of inadvertently homicidal jackasses (News). I will leave the stations unnamed so that your crack reporters have something to Google. At least that way they can pretend to have reported the story — when they get around to it.

Lovingly yours,

<mtheo>, Producer
Classics Without Walls, KUSF-FM

Mark Theodoropoulos

No response, of course . . . .